People often seek spiritual direction or spiritual companionship at times when life seems muddled; decisions are looming but a direction isn’t making itself clear; when life circumstances have changed and we are called to transition with them; or when our imagination for hopeful living seems to have run dry.

Once a connection is established with a trained spiritual director many people continue to keep the dialogue alive. Ongoing spiritual direction is a unique covenant and confidential partnership. It is also a journey and exploration of being human. The relationship between the director and the directee, or seeker, is premised upon a mutual awareness that the true director is Spirit, often symbolized by a lit candle or a third chair during a session. In this way there is no hierarchical relationship placing the spiritual director above the seeker. A spiritual director serves as a humble and compassionate witness and guide.

Language around Spirit can be confusing and may open wounds experienced in the past through encounters with traditional and dogmatic theologies or pain caused by people within a church, temple, mosque or any institution.  An interfaith spiritual director will honor your concept of a deity, higher power or sense of order, holding the explicit intention of creating a safe space to be vulnerable within this trusting relationship.

Some specific examples of when people seek spiritual direction may include: 

  • when we are helping to discern options of independent, assisted living or memory care for a loved one
  • when we are encountering feelings around a soon-to-be empty nest
  • the realization that one's faith is in question or when our beliefs have changed and we no longer feel at home in our chosen faith community
  • when a commitment to self care embraces the deepening of our spiritual life but we would like help learning about spiritual practices or to be introduced to supportive resources